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Marketing Services

I also provide freelance marketing and voice-over services in a variety of different media. Whether you are looking for a website design or a promotional video, I can help you put something together that will deliver your message to the intended audience. Browse through the samples and tracks I've included below. Send me an email to tell me about your next project - I have experience producing corporate videos, websites, narrations, and broadcast media. I can also produce polished and edited audio files (.mp3, .wav - whichever format you require) in 1-2 business days, using professional recording and audio editing equipment. Please email or call me for a quote. I'd love to provide production services for your next project and discuss how to highlight your product.


Promotional Videos


Artist Bios


This is one of several artist bio videos produced for A Gift of Art in Newcastle, Ontario.


Tourism Promotion


Special thanks to Adam Wilkinson (actor), Mara Bureau (graphics), Rob Cavanagh (research), Melinda Oke (print graphics) and the staff at A Gift of Art as well as local businesses for taking part in this promotional video.


Radio Commercial


Audiobook Demo


Radio Imaging


Radio Artist Tee-Up